"Behind closes eyes lie
The minds ready to awaken you
Are you at war with land
And all of its creatures
Your not-so-gentle persuasion
Has been known to wreck economies
Of countries, of empires, the sky is over."
- Serj Tankian

Welcome to the Skies of Cael, a universe of flight, wonder, colonization, and exploration created by NekoDoramu (a.k.a SAINT103 & Zeno Fischer) and GunslingerKai (a.k.a Loaff & Kai Volikov). The lands of the world are separated by miles of blue skies above and dark clouds below, yet even that would not stop civilization from venturing out into the unknown. Now nearly one hundred years after the invention of flight the powers of the world have begun to race at each other to try and grab whatever land they can hold onto for the benefit of wealth, resources, power, and intimidation. Others not interested in the political game of imperialism have taken their birds to try and gain mass wealth for themselves through mercenary work or setting up their own operations as pirates plaguing the skies. The very piece of technology that was supposed to bring the world together is now tearing it further apart, the skies shattered with borders and colors of political maps. Politicians swear to their dying breath that they will unify the skies under their flag, signaling the end of peace for every inch of sky in the land of Cael. The world is filled with birds of metal and steel without a single dove in sight...Yet perhaps that dove the world needs is actually you.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own many of the pieces of art on this website. Many pictures will have recognition of the artist or the source of where they came from if I do not own the picture. The credit goes to these amazing artists and animators who have created them, not myself. I am simply using them as examples to help further visualize the world of Cael. Thank you.

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